Google Chrome browser takes the lead globally - Raythemes

Google Chrome browser takes the lead - Raythemes
Google Chrome

According to the latest data from Website Counter apps, Google Chrome has just snatched Internet Explorer the position of the most used browser worldwide.

Traditionally, Microsoft's browser had been the "king" of browsers because it was the default option on the Windows platform. However, the launch of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome fueled the battle between browsers to capture a larger share of the market, forcing competitors to constantly improve their products.

The growth of Chrome in the last year has been extremely precipitous: in October 2011 it surpassed the number of users to Firefox and was placed in the second position. Since then, it was already certain that you just had to wait for Chrome to overtake Internet Explorer. Although Chrome has only just become number one worldwide, Google's browser has held the dominant position in several countries for several months now.

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