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If you are going to create a website with unlimited lifetime free hosting, this article will facilitate you to form a free website on google blogger, this can be because you would like not to buy a site and hosting services. So at the very beginning allow us to know - why we must always choose BlogSpot. 

Blogspot is a platform that gives you to make and host a web site free, it owns by Google so you are doing not must worry about server downtime and additional problems. Besides, there are thousands of free blogger templates which you'll be able to apply to present a knowledgeable look to your website. Let’s start with step by step example for creating a website free. Blogger will do ...

Helping you build a website

You may not be an online designer or an expert coder - that’s where free websites on google blogger are available. it'll facilitate you to make a static website free with lifetime hosting by using google blogger without having any coding knowledge - simply Just Choose a Template that you like, customize, and ready to post.

Blogger facilitates the method of making a website, making it accessible to everyone, no matter your programming knowledge. Using the Google blogger platform Tutorial and premade templates, you'll be able to easily launch a great website. 

Setting up your blogger website

Creating your Website on Blogger is simple to do. Only you’ll need a Google account (gmail account).

1. Enter a name for your fee website.

2. Choose a domain address (URL) – Blogger will confirm if the blog address is available or not.

3. Pick a Template – Here are a lot of awesome themes/templates.

After you’ve created your website, Google offers you the chance to buy a custom domain from them. It’s an optional step, and you can always change it later:

Blogger Is Free

You can create your own blog (or a typical website for that matter) on Blogger without spending a dime. Granted, Google offers premium memberships that include extra perks, but these are completely optional and are not required to begin a blog. So if you’re trying to seek out a low-cost and budget blogging platform, you should inspect Google Blogger.

Of course, there are extra benefits to using Google Blogger…

SEO Power

Because Blogger is owned and operated by Google, it’s safe to assume that websites and blogs built on this platform will have a more elegant time ranking. Google is sometimes biased towards its own products and services. this can be often why you’ll usually see YouTube videos listed within the search results instead of Video or DailyMotion videos. Building a website on Blogger isn’t attending to guarantee a top ranking for your target keywords, but you'll rest guaranteed knowing that Google can reward extra care to your awesome website, which should main support to gets higher search rankings. 

No Downtime

You don't need to worry about downtime or deficiency Well, let me rephrase that: you shouldn’t experience much if any, downtime when blogging on Google’s Blogger platform. very comparable to the hosted version of WordPress, user blogs are maintained on Google’s servers. You don’t need to worry about any web-hosting server running the blog site. Google does a good job at keeping its server up and running 24x7, so It's allowing you to focus your attention to your main job, like creating compelling new posts for your blogsite.


Although its selection pales as compared to WordPress’s themes, Blogger still features a good number of templates from which to choose. instead of having to hard-code your own template from scratch, you'll simply download and activate a pre-made template. Other websites also offer Blogger templates, so make sure to look around to hunt out the correct one for your blog. With barely a little searching, you’ll find a template that matches your blog’s theme and objects. 

To find lots of themes and templates you would like to go to your ...

Blogger Dashboard >Theme Section

Setting up your Custom Domain:

Alright, we are getting ready to founded our Custom therefore the commencement is where we'll be adding the registered name to our website or blog. So to try and do that we are going to Simply log in to our BlogSpot dashboard, and head over to ...

Step 1:
Settings > Basics

Then we are going to see an option that says 

Step 2:

Custom Domain

When we are going to see the Custom Domain Click on that then we will see a choice to add our domain so type Your Domain here rather than www.yourdomain.com and click on the Save button. When it’s done we'll see an interface like this :

Here you would like to feature the name that you just have purchased, and after adding the name, then we are going to find two CNAME records and 4 others records which we'll be needing within the next following step. 

· Note: We need to add our domain with www as a prefix. (See above screenshot for better understanding). Once we've added the domain url with www, we will see an error message: “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error .” and then you will get the CNAME record for configuration to your domain provider cpanel.

. Now we've got our CNAME details, so this can be the time to log in to our domain control board (Cpanel), and make changes. By following the steps our Blogspot Custom name setup is going to be finished in no time.

How to set up CNAME and other records for Your Blogspot Custom Domain:

· Login to your Hosting/Cpanel account dashboard & click on manage domains

· Click on the domain name which you've brought, you will find it inside your Cpanel.

· Now click on the DNS zone file to start adding the records

· Now click on Add another & copy the second CNAME record from your Blogger page

· The last step where you just need to add your 4 IP addresses into your DNS record. Do it the same way as we did above, all you need to do is add A record instead of CNAME.

When it’s done you wish to attend for five minutes to 4 hours for these changes to reflect globally.

If you have got been blogging on the BlogSpot platform for an extended period of your time and still you’re not using the BlogSpot custom domain feature, I might highly recommend you to begin using it so you'll be able to have better branding and have your blog look more professional.

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